Mary's Piano School

2 Queens Avenue, Oakleigh

Online lessons now available.

Qualified as a Piano Teacher, as well as an Art Therapist and Holistic Counsellor, Mary offers individual piano lessons for children and adults, using a unique approach which is holistic, creative and student-focused.

She incorporates different musical exercises and activities within each half hour lesson, which enable the student to fully grasp the music concept being taught in a tangible way, and making the music journey an engaging and rewarding experience.

Mary offers a structured and varied music program ensuring students become well-rounded musicians who are capable of sight-reading, transposing, composition and many other music skills. Learning the piano is not simply just about reading the dots on the page; there is much more to it! We will be writing our own songs, we will know why our scales have certain black notes and we will understand the maths behind music. Mary makes it all very simple!

Support through AMEB exams is provided if desired, but learning the piano just for leisure and/or relaxation is good too!

Piano parties are held at the end of each school term, where students gather in small groups to share their performances and play a musical game. Also, a piano concert is held at Christmas time for all the family to enjoy.Parents are welcome to attend lessons if they wish, and this is certainly encouraged for the younger children.